Placemaking & Destination Development Services


Placemaking & Destination Development


Placemaking is more than a buzzword or a fad, it is a process that helps spur revitalization and community rejuvenation using existing public assets like parks, plazas and town halls. Eastwick can act as a guide to catalyze local officials, businesses and citizens to realize the potential of those public spaces and create vibrant communities – communities that retain and grow existing businesses, attract new investments and engage residents in the future well-being of a place.

At Eastwick, we will help you clarify your vision and work with local officials, residents, business owners and stakeholders to achieve multiple goals, including creating vital places for people to embrace the local culture, supporting the economy, pursuing passions and enjoying the community.


Destination Development

 Destinations are shaped by natural and man-made visitor attractions and resources, local culture and a collective attitude of hospitality. These components drive a successful visitor experience to a destination and will conjure words like adventure, fun, relaxation and welcome.

 These words also reflect the potential to transform towns and regions that draw locals and visitors to spend time (and money) in a community.  Eastwick specializes in defining and enhancing those special attributes that can turn a place into a destination. Prepare for “selfies”! We focus on:

Outdoor recreation / Nature-based tourism

Nothing beats an authentic experience and for outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism that means connecting with nature with a touch of adventure thrown in! In addition to building stewardship and driving attendance, nature-based recreation and tourism can stimulate local economies. Eastwick brings expertise to developing programs and cultivating relationships resulting in meaningful connections for visitors and an improved bottom line for local businesses.

Experiential Tourism

Hands on immersion defines experiential tourism. Immersive and dynamic participation fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for nature, culture and community. Eastwick rolls up its collective sleeves to help identify an organizations or destination’s potential assets and opportunities and work to realize that potential.